Well done Blades

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Congratulations to Sheffield United in winning League 1 in style.

Chris Wilder has done a fantastic job in rejuvenating the club that was a shambles last year under Nigel Adkins.

Some fabulous football has been seen at Bramall Lane and one would hope that they continue to flourish in the Championship next season.

Lee Johnson

by email

Just stating my opinion

I thank PG for his/her kind personal words in their ‘Informative Local Asset’ letter to the Star, April 21. I agree with most of the comments in their letter.

However, I did not write about the lack of ‘extensive’ national news in the Star but pointed out that there was little if any coverage.

I also enjoy the local news and features in the newspaper, Whitworth is a brilliant cartoonist, not only for the drawings but also the pithy comment attached to them.

Nancy Fielder writes a regular informative and unbiased feature about local issues. I am sure that if some major national news could be included in the Star it would be reported in a similar manner.

Far from wishing to turn an ‘informative and entertaining local asset into a Daily Mail or Express’ I was merely stating my opinion that there is too much advertising in the Star and that the majority of readers may not want this.

I acknowledged that the editor was in a no-win situation regarding the publishing cost of the paper without any adverts, and that better use could be made of the news space.

Rather than print a Star advertisement for a trip to the previous week’s Grand National, if there is a dearth of local news on the day, include a little national news for the readers’ interest.

Cyril Olsen

Busk Meadow, Sheffield, S5

Extra work for teachers

I was interested to read the letter from Ann Dawson about the extra work teachers do out of school hours.

Our granddaughter is a teacher from the Republic of Ireland, (no jobs there), she teaches at a school in Essex and works many hours after the pupils have gone home.

She gained her BA Hons in Cork University. When she goes home to Ireland to see her mother she takes school work with her, when she visits us she’s always doing things for school, and most days she doesn’t get home until after 5.30pm.

Laura goes into school before the end of the holidays, and begins to get the classroom ready. She takes the children swimming, and for day trips and walks. Despite all this she loves her job.



Keeping in touch

Mr Palmer has kindly interrupted his holiday yet again to write to us.

Apparently his letter was sent from the ‘poop’ deck.

I think that few people will be surprised by this.

Stephen Crowther


Vote for the dog

We want change, Jayne Grayson, The Star, letters, April 22, does not say much of her Conservative compatriots if she thinks a dog could win against them.

Gerry Leckey

by email

The advocacy of arcades

I applaud Howard Greaves for his advocacy of arcades and the fine Victorian buildings of Pinstone Street, but I fear we have an uphill struggle.

When I suggested that new blocks should feature through-arcades similar to the prestigious Leeds “lanes”, the designers were having none of it.

Internal routes with shopfronts have to be dead ends, in accordance with modern retail theory, otherwise inquisitive shoppers might navigate their way through a building to the other side.

If we have to come out where we went in, we have to pass every single shop front, which they hope will maximise our spending, just as it minimises our enjoyment of exploration.

Changes at the top of the council and a revived realisation that Sheffield’s heritage is worth shouting about, (for example the publicity given to the much-improved scheme to refurbish our Webb sewer gas lamps), may bring Retail Quarter design changes to blend historic fabric with distinctive new building, instead of seeing heritage as an optional prettification of bland blocks in a manipulative layout.

There is also some excellent work being done by Joined Up Heritage Sheffield to change the municipal mindset.

We must challenge the idea that any scheme will do so long as it is done now, and promote conservation as a vital component in achieving the best results.

J Robin Hughes

Towngate Road, Worrall, Sheffield, S35

And still counting

It’s 29 league wins for the Blades, a club record and still counting; 97 points, a club record and still counting; 13 league away wins, a club record; 50 league goals away from home, a club record. Not been a bad season has it ?

If I were BT of Chesterfield I would ignore Chris Gee, obviously a wind-up merchant, who says he hasn’t been to Bramall Lane since at least 1973, not even to see his beloved Wednesday. Chances are he doesn’t frequent Hillsborough very much either.

Well done Chris, Alan Knill and the lads.

Up the Blades.

Mr H

Blades fan for 50 years and still counting

Public libraries

The new furniture in the Central Library reading room is much better than the hard chairs and desks that we had previously.

This room and the biographies section provide comfortable places to study and refresh.

Aside from reading and quiet study, one of the main reasons people use public libraries is to apply for jobs or benefits online if they do not have internet access at home, and to print out things related to these.

With this in mind Sheffield Libraries should charge the same as internet cafes in the city, (50p per half hour), for people who are not members of the library service instead of the current charge of £1.50 for up to an hour.

It is worth noting that the cost of printing at Sheffield Libraries is 10p per sheet as opposed to 5p per sheet at the university libraries for students in the city.

In addition, both university libraries operate “No More Fines” schemes which help students avoid fines by automatically renewing books on the date they are due back unless they have been reserved by another user.

It would be good if Sheffield Libraries could introduce such a scheme for users of public libraries in the city.

Matthew Smith

Endcliffe Vale Road, Sheffield, S10