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The EU’s, (Merkel’s), negotiations with Turkey continue, in a desperate attempt to reduce the flood of migrants who took up Angela Merkel’s invitation to come to Europe.

In her desperation, the German Chancellor is willing to throw financial prudence to the wind and is now attempting to bribe Turkey into being more co-operative in stemming the huge human tide of migrants.

The €6 billion the EU is gifting to Turkey, (with the UK contributing £500 million), is in stark contrast to Merkel’s refusal to grant any financial relief to Greece.

More worryingly, the EU under Merkel’s leadership, has accepted Turkey’s demands to speed up its membership application.

From June, more than 70 million Turks will be able to travel into the Schengen visa-free zone.

How EU nations, including the UK, are going to manage this influx alongside the Syrian asylum seekers coming in via Turkey under this deal, is not being discussed for some reason.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74