We subsidise many rich estate owners

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The recent letter from the British Association for Shooting and Conservation sings the praises of game meat but in my opinion it is full of lead shot.

We are told that BASC members spend 3.9 million days per year on conservation work.

Let us take a closer look at what that work involves. They import or breed millions of pheasants, an alien species to the UK, and rear them in captivity, artificially fed, until the time comes to let them go.

By this time the birds are too tame to avoid danger or take cover, hence the millions that are killed on the roads.

They shoot our beloved white hare, which they blame for passing diseases onto grouse, whereas the ilnesses escalate due to artificially maintained overpopulation.

They quite legally set wire snares in which animals suffer greatly by strangling themselves before they are killed.

Foxes are the supposed target but it is a fact that ‘non target species’ are caught in greater numbers. These can include badgers, hares, deer, dogs, farm animals, cats and even people.

They build access roads, damage peat bog and drain moorland or set fire to heather, destroying the moorland’s natural ability to protect us from global warming and flooding.

And by some freak of the system, we tax payers subsidise many rich shooting estate owners for supposedly “looking after the countryside” on our behalf. Well thanks for that.


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