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The couple of pages about our Heritage in The Star of Thursday, June 2 were full of useful information.

It isn’t until you read such articles that you realise just how important Sheffield has been in the development of this country’s industrial heritage and in the historical story of the nation.

One theme seems to leap out at the reader and that is how the various people and organisations, responsible for this city’s heritage, have struggled to get their stories across not only to the nation as a whole but to the citizens of this great city of ours.

This obviously hasn’t helped visitor numbers to these attractions.

It seems that they can’t market themselves individually to good effect.

Is it not the job of this council to help with this burden?

I understand a councillor for heritage has now been appointed (not before time, in my opinion) I hope this appointment is not just a mouthpiece but that the individual will take a proactive role in helping all the Sheffield organisations trying to market and promote our city’s heritage in a positive way.

I do feel we lose out to the likes of Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds when it comes to promoting Sheffield.

There is a lot we can show visitors but it all needs to be properly organised.

The voluntary workers do a magnificent job in these Heritage organisations but they need help.

Where was Sheffield Council when the Football Association (FA) decided to locate the National Football Museum in first Preston and later, Manchester?

We invented the game.

The oldest football club in the world is from here.

Why isn’t the Football Museum here?

The World Snooker Championship has made Sheffield its historical home. Every year, this brings in much-needed revenue to this city.

The story of our heritage could also be a factor in helping to reinvent ourselves.

We should be proud of our heritage and, in practical terms, be proud to show it off to the rest of the world.


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