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I certainly agree with A Johnson’s letter of June 27 regarding retirement age.

When I was in my 50s I was looking forward to retiring at 60, but then it went up to 62, which was bad enough. Not content with that, the government hit my age group with another blow and put it up to 67 because I was born just months away from the qualifying date.

I left school at 15 and got a job straight away, which you could then as there was no competition and the only gaps in employment were to have a family.

Not only have we been penalised for being born out of the timescale, you don’t even qualify for a bus pass at 60 or the fuel allowance, the only thing you can get are free prescriptions, which is all right for those who need them and can get anywhere near the doctor’s desk to have one written out. To say we have been had over is an understatement.

Oh well, I owe, I owe, it’s back to work I go!



It beggars belief

I went into town one day last week. Walking down Fargate the first thing I noticed was doors full of graffiti; next thing was two people in sleeping bags asleep on the benches, further down there were beggars asking for money.

Now I have read in The Star that the council want to get rid of Cuneo’s ice cream vans in the Peace Gardens and the bottom of Fargate because they don’t fit in with the surrounding area.

Have the council got someone else in mind to sell ice cream? You couldn’t make it up, could you?

It shows how much this council sees outside the Town Hall. Let them all take a walk from Fargate down to the Moor market and then say the ice cream vans spoil the area.

Mrs Hemmings


Think before pontificating

I was disappointed to hear of Sheffield-based boxer Billy Joe Saunders’ recent views on fashion.

When people in the public eye express small-minded opinions that some peoples appearances are “not right”; it can have real effects on people’s lives.

Whether someone wears earrings or not is of no concern to me, you or anyone else, but when those in the public eye make ill-advised comments it can act to legitimise actual violence against vulnerable members of our community.

Sheffield is a welcoming and friendly city which accommodates diversity of all types.

Saunders should remember this city’s cultural heritage, in music, politics and sport, before he thinks of pontificating on fashion again.

Kate Dawson

Rockingham Street, Sheffield

Must take some courage

Thanks for the grace of God I have never needed a food bank, I have donated to them as I do to the charity shops.

My mini diva grows out of clothes so fast it’s difficult to keep up so I like to see his clothes put to good use.

It must take some courage to approach a food bank, as who wants to admit they can’t feed themselves or their kids?

I saw a report in the paper that children are not brushing their teeth as the parents can’t afford the brush or toothpaste ,so food banks are desperate for more supplies.

Now I buy Colgate for £1 and three brushes for £1 also, but in the supermarket you can buy toothpaste for 40p –it’s the shops’ own brand but it cleans your teeth.

These items are as expensive or as cheap as you make them.

Jayne Grayson

by email

Forgotten bowling club

Since the community club known as Steel City Community Centre on Shiregreen Lane has been demolished it appears the public believe the bowling club on the same site has also ceased.

This is not true, we are much alive, we have teams on Monday and Tuesday evenings, also teams on Wednesday and Friday afternoons for veterans along with social bowlers on Sunday and Monday mornings.

If anyone wants to come along and try their hand at crown green bowling please contact Gordon Davis on 07967846898.

Gordon Davis

by email

Work it out

Will Konta win Wimbledon? (Australian).

Will Gary Ballance, (SZimbabwean), score a century for England?

Will Andrew Strauss, (born in Johannesburg), resign? I think not. Was it buy British or something a few years ago? The mind boggles.

John Vintin

by email

Ode (Owed) to The Nurses

Attending South Yorkshire hospitals, I’ve had chance to assess

The reasons for the failings in the NHS.

Management kindly allows doctors and nurses to work 25 hours a day

And for this they are rewarded with demands for more pay.

Front line staff claim it’s a vocation and from their duties they won’t shirk.

What would they do with more money, when they’re always at work?

They say that they’re rushed off their feet from morning till night

Management claim that staff don’t realise that NHS funds are tight.

Dealing with drunks and patients in a huff,

Would lead you to believe that this indeed, would be payment enough.

They should recognise money’s needed for MPs and more administration,

So that “Government” can milk the plaudits of a grateful nation.

Hospital staff should get on with the job and dedicate “Body and Soul”,

To help dig the “Government” out of a hole.

You can understand the government being loath to doff their “Cap”

When they view all public services as just a load of scrap

Public services so ripe they were ready for the squeeze

And that is why employees’ wages have had this continuous freeze

Employees should accept working without reward and prove their dedication,

Keep hold of their tongues and accept their medication

Alan Lockwood

by email

Insulting to say the least

I find the remarks of P Godfrey in The Star Friday, June 30, insulting to say the least.

My head is not fogged up nor am I under the influence of any ‘brown stuff’. He is the kind of so-called supporter SUFC can well do without no matter how long he claims to have been a Blade.

As a supporter you should have confidence in the manager’s choice and give the players a chance to prove themselves. He probably still has the face on as he said in February that SUFC would stay in League One, which I corrected him on when they were champions.

As for saying there are better players in Sunday pub teams, just wait and see how the lads go on, then comment. Well done OXO the Blade, your letter was a gem.


Chesterfield, Blade over 60 years