We don’t need change

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Some months ago I left my flat and went to the ground floor of our building. I was shocked as I went into the entrance to see that all the furniture had been removed.

There had been two small tables, a slightly larger table, and a small stand which held a radio speaker. The speaker now stands on the floor!

I asked the caretaker: “Why has the furniture been moved?” The reply was “Health and Safety took it.”

In the 20 years I have lived in this building, I have never known of anyone being injured by the furniture. It gave a welcoming look to our building. Furniture has also disappeared from the landings.

I have been told that the building is now classed as an old people’s home, not sheltered.

We have a number of younger residents as well as older. I wonder what they think about it? Obviously, they are in the wrong place!

For years Health and Safety used their powers to make things difficult for young people.

Now they are starting on older people.

Once again we are being told what is best for us.

We older people like continuity, not change.

We’ve had enough of that in our lives.

Eileen Stennett