We don’t need a J35 service station

How the service station at Smithy Wood could look.
How the service station at Smithy Wood could look.
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I do not live near junction 35 of the M1, I am not a rambler or a tree hugger, nor do I spend time in the woodland alongside Junction 35.

However I can see absolutely no reason to have a motorway service station there.

There is a motorway service station just south of Sheffield, and Meadowhall and the new IKEA are only a few minutes off the motorway for anyone really desperate for a toilet or a bite to eat.

Junction 35 is only a couple of miles away from the Meadowhall area, where we are constantly told that the air quality isn’t good and that speed restrictions might be brought in, and yet someone thinks it’s a good idea to have vehicles piling up at a motorway service station five minutes’ drive away? There will also be vehicles delivering goods to the service station on a daily basis, which will just add to the pollution.

What I am really angry about is that there was an eight-page pull-out in The Star, extolling the virtues of the proposed motorway service station, paid for by MSA Extra group, the very people behind the scheme.

I accept that advertising income is important to The Star, but I thought you were supposed to be impartial?

I doubt that the people protesting against the service station have the funds to pay for an eight-page pull-out in The Star, but you are willing to take the five pieces of silver to promote Extra MSA’s point of view while consistently telling us about pollution on that stretch of the motorway.

That company is not in the least interested in the few part-time jobs a service station is likely to provide, and it’s worth their while to plant a few trees.

Extra MSA are looking at the next 50 years, or more, of making money at junction 35. That is the be all and end all, and we don’t need a service station at Junction 35 just to make money for them.

S collins

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