We are far too soft in this country

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I find it utterly appalling that in the case where two teenage asylum seekers appeared in Sheffield Crown Court for attacking a man and fracturing his jaw the judge blamed the community of Lowedges by saying the boys had been made to feel ‘unwelcome’ by the residents.

Whatever the victim said to them does not justify their deplorable actions and the truth is that this case is a sad reflection on the society in which we live as, according to recent statistics, there has been a huge increase in violent crime especially involving guns and knives.

Sheffielders and British people as a whole are known for their hospitality and tolerance towards those from other countries who arrive on our shores and I am sure the majority of Lowedges residents treat people in the same way so it is most unfair to blame the actions of a minority on the community as a whole.

While on this subject, we do know however that there is tension in many neighbourhoods in cities across the country due to the influx of asylum seekers and a disastrous immigration policy that has changed some areas beyond all recognition and placed a tremendous burden on essential services.

One can understand there being a certain amount of resentment when the indigenous population is having to put up with cuts while huge amounts of money are being spent to provide housing, education, schooling and health care for the large numbers who have arrived in our country.

It also doesn’t help matters when, unlike the people from Pakistan and the West Indies who came to England in the 1950s and 60s, many now entering our country have no intention of working or integrating into our society but seek to change our way of life to suit them and milk our benefits system.

If I went to live in another country I would, quite rightly, be expected to abide by its laws so it is only fair that we should expect those coming to Great Britain to do the same.

Instead we are supposed to tolerate sharia law, women covering their entire faces with the burka which I find most intimidating and for which there is no religious requirement according to Islam’s divine scripture, and the barbaric Halal practice of killing animals by slitting their throats which does not conform to humane British Animal Welfare Standards.

We are far too soft in this country and should ban the burka as they have in France, insist animals are slaughtered humanely, and ensure that all those coming to live in the UK abide by our laws.

If they aren’t prepared to do this and don’t like our way of life then they can always leave and settle in a country that fits their requirements.

Susan Richardson

Westminster Crescent, Lodge Moor, Sheffield, S10