We all know that Sheffield hates cars

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It seems that the council want to turn the whole of Sheffield city centre, (more than 50 roads into a 20mph zone.

You will all have seen the many notices dotted about the city centre outlining the proposals, no?

It’s hardly surprising, there appears to be only one, opposite where the old Castle Market used to be.

Clearly the council is trying to keep quiet about the proposals, so would I if I had a track record as bad as theirs. All of us driving up from Park Square roundabout in third gear or on Arundel Gate is certainly going to reduce the pollution… NOT!

Let’s exacerbate the problem by cutting down thousands of trees – after all trees absorb carbon dioxide.

Why would the council care that thousands of miles away Sheffield is being noted as a city run by philistines. This is yet another environmental own goal.

Try driving from the side of the Cathedral where the disabled parking spots are, – to outside the library to other disabled parking spots (a walking distance of 500 yards) or about TWO MILES by car. Breaking news for the council disabled bays are for people who are disabled and have to use their cars, so a two-mile drive to get 500 yards is hardly environmentally good.

Driving from Wincobank to Dore (for the Derbyshire countryside), a distance of about seven to eight miles there are 56 sets of traffic lights. Allowing 20 seconds with the engine idling that’s 1,120 seconds or nearly 19 minutes, hardly designed to cut pollution.

Better then to go via the ring road, except going in that direction you have 58 sets of lights. Again, another environmental masterpiece.

Sheffield council perhaps should take lessons from Mexico City, Manila, or Bangkok.

At least with their traffic chaos they have the excuse of “lack of investment” whereas in Sheffield, bad planning, wasted money, and poor prioritisation of investment and “political” choices are to blame.

After all of these own goals Sheffield council had the bare-faced cheek to send me an email suggesting that I turn off my car engine at traffic lights to reduce traffic pollution.

My reply to them is “set your own house in order before attacking me, we all know Sheffield hates cars”.

Evander Bramall

by email