Wasn’t the area a bit run down?

Castle market
Castle market
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Good old Judd Newton still carries a torch for the vanished Markets site and misses the bustle of the Canal Basin, (Victoria Quays). Well Judd, I didn’t know it like you did but wasn’t it a bit run down?

Nowadays it’s surely a darn sight better but woefully underused and needs to be brought back on to the circuit.

As for the castle site, well there’s some artwork to go onto the hoardings, some dosh for archaeological trial trenches and deculverting of part of the Sheaf.

The council needs to be keeping Sheffield folk in the picture about what are very positive developments.

Judd’s a decent cove and a character and certainly there’s quite a few Sheffielders concerned like him about what’s going to be lost for the New Retail Quarter.

What about the Crimean War Memorial, Judd?

Ron Clayton