Wake up and stop the demise now

The Old Coroners Court on Nursery Street
The Old Coroners Court on Nursery Street
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I have just taken the time to sit down and read tonight’s edition of The Star, I was quite saddened to read about the possible demolition of the former Coroners Court building on Nursery Street which is close to the Wicker near the city centre.

I walk around town and the surrounding area regularly with friends and we have commented about the demise of the area and the destruction of old beautifully-built premises that have a distinct character.

We also comment on the faceless, unimpressive featureless glass blocks that are springing up surprising quickly all around the town.

We have and have had some lovely old buildings in this city.

The Old Town hall, the old Jessops hospital, the school board buildings on Leopold Street to name just a few.

It’s high time that this council and the people of Sheffield said enough is enough.

If Firestone Developments wants to demolish and rebuild, (for their benefits and not yours or mine), then may I humbly suggest they go further up the road, (Corporation Street), and surrounding area that is crying out for rejuvenating and the bottom of Scotland Street where there are numerous buildings that are falling into disrepair.

Please leave our beautiful old buildings alone for our kids and grandkids to view in future.

One thing that struck me is that Firestone Developments have submitted a demolition notice for the building which stated that it is hoped that work will commence on August 13.

The deadline for the council to make a decision is August 20.

By that time it could be too late, so wake up Sheffield City council and stop the demise now.

Ron sanderson

Sheffield, S12