Waiting on double yellow

Weston Park Hospital
Weston Park Hospital
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I totally agree with MW regarding Mr S Pearson. It must be very wearing having to visit Weston Park Hospital seven days a week.

But I also agree with MW regarding the traffic chaos caused by visitors and patients waiting on double yellow lines for 20-25 minutes on a blind corner.

The fact some of them may have their left turn indicators on does not deviate from the fact they are waiting on double yellow lines when by the laws of the land this is not permitted.

Once more than four vehicles are waiting, it is impossible for traffic travelling up Western Bank to safely overtake the waiting vehicles.

As pointed out by MW, there is never a warden or police presence when this happens. I am sure someone will take this matter in hand and pass on to the relevant authorities, video or photographic evidence of the chaos caused by this problem.

If this situation arose in any other city, the vehicles would be at least clamped and possibly towed away, with a hefty charge for their release.

Alan Frith

by email