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Why speculate about voting figures in Sheffield when the actual figures are available?(re Johnson on Lib Dem leaflets last week)

In last year’s local election, when one third of our councillors were elected, the voting figures across Sheffield were:

Lab 41 per cent

UKIP 17 per cent

Lib Dem 16 per cent

Con 13 per cent

Green 12 per cent

TUSC 1 per cent

Seats won did not reflect those percentages, due to our voting system. Results were: 21 Labour, 1 UKIP, 5 Lib Dem and 1 Green, with 28 seats all told. Percentage-wise this is:

Lab 75 per cent

UKIP 4 per cent

Lib Dem 17 per cent

Con 0 per cent

Green 4 per cent

TUSC 0 per cent

Do the voices in the chamber reflect the votes cast? No wonder voters are alienated from politics, and politicians, when their votes are not proportionately represented in seats won.

Overall, the 84 council seats now break down as:

Lab 70 per cent

UKIP 5 per cent

Lib dem 20 per cent

Con 0 per cent

Green 5 per cent

TU 0 per cent

And whilst we are playing with numbers, what about the General Election last year? Over the six Sheffield-based seats in Parliament, the votes were:

Lab 48 per cent

UKIP 16 per cent

Lib Dem 14 per cent

Con 16 per cent

Green 6 per cent

Other 1 per cent

But the seats turned out as 5 Labour (83 per cent) and 1 Lib Dem (17 per cent). Nuff said?

Vicky Seddon

Westbourne Road, S10