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I am writing in response to the latest letter from Martin Vaughan in which he says the council seem to be confused about what a librarian is.

In his letter he says a librarian acts as a teacher to teach children a love of reading and literacy.

This summer the Big Reading Challenge was held in libraries nation- wide, involves children reading six books during the summer holiday and in our volunteer run library we had 70 children taking part 48 of which completed the Challenge and received their medals.

He says librarians provide access to self-help resources and help adults who may be otherwise socially isolated by talking and lending a sympathetic ear.

Our volunteer run library holds a weekly event where adults can drop in for a chat and take part in craft activities.

His librarians sign post homeless people or people who run the risk of eviction or have health problems to the appropriate services for help.

We volunteers can do this by finding out where the help is and advising them where to receive the help, we have telephones and the internet and we have done this.

As for the comments about university and hospital librarians I think council librarians might find their work challenging.

Would he rather the 16 volunteer run libraries be closed thereby causing many people, especially the elderly and people without transport having no access to their local library and very little hope of the ever opening again?

Please give the volunteers support not criticism.

A willing volunteer

by email