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Save the trees campaign on Rustlings Road in Sheffield
Save the trees campaign on Rustlings Road in Sheffield
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After reading in The Star about the issue of trees being felled, I thought you might accept this poem I wrote as a patient in the Hallamshire Hospital. I’d gone into the TV lounge and was standing at the window looking out at the view. I wrote this poem. Trees are the lungs of the world and we need them to counter all the pollution in our city.

View From Hallamshire Hospital Window

Man’s creation spreading outwards,

Towers of concrete, blocks of stone,

Steel structures full of windows,

Dwarfing houses, people’s homes.

See the city sprawling onward,

Marching up the hills beyond,

Huge office blocks, churches, steeples,

Shops and houses, chimneys long.

In between this sprawling suburb,

God’s creation struggles free.

Tall and stalwart, climbing upward,

Regal in its majesty.

There bedecked in all its splendour,

Waving arms of greenest leaves.

Standing proud in all its glory,

Symbol of new birth. The tree.

Mrs P Hall