Use a bit of common sense for once

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Like many of you I’m a motorist, but the one thing that annoys me more than anything is the driver in front, who refuses to use his or her handbrake.

They sit with his or her right foot firmly clamped on the brake pedal.

You have to sit there and be sometimes dazzled with the intense brightness which some of these brake lights give out!

But what I find really strange is 99 per cent of motorists are either totally deluded or haven’t got one ounce of common sense and I will stick with the latter.

Because as you drive round Sheffield there are miles upon miles of completely flat roads, but let’s take Penistone Road for an example, drive along there day or night and 99 per cent of motorist will come to a stop at the many set of traffic lights and just hold the car or van just using the foot brake!

But why I ask? Because if the road is flat the car or van will remain in a stationery position, which means it won’t roll backwards or forwards.

But it’s like getting stuck in the middle lane of a motorway.

Motorist use their brakes to stop, but once stopped they can’t seem to be able to take their right foot of the brake pedal.

And they sit there in their own little world. driving down Penistone Road I passed a set of traffic lights and I counted 11 cars waiting for the lights to change and every one was holding the car in a stationary position, with their foot again just glued to the brake pedal.

Surely if the road’s flat, I can’t think of any reason why your foot needs to be anywhere near the brake pedal.

So come on motorists, try and use a bit of common sense for once.

C Shirley

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