Unwanted street trees

Rustlings Road
Rustlings Road
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I have just the letter from AT, Woodseats, December 2.

I have had the exact same trouble with a sycamore tree outside my house, with the only difference being mine is a good bit higher and it’s on a blind bend.

I have written to the authorities on numerous occasions about the damage it causes to the pavement and property but they refuse to take it down.

I can sympathise with AT, Woodseats with the incessant cleaning of his car.

People will read this and think it is being a bit petty but you really have to see it to believe it.

It gets so bad that my car needs cleaning at least three times a week and being a disabled pensioner, I can’t do it manually, or I would do.

I cannot afford £15 per week at the car wash, so I have to rely on one of my sons to drop by and do it for me.

I even asked the council once if they would pay for two washes and me the other.

I’ll wait until you stop laughing now and not even bother to tell you what their response was.

I would say that the people who make a big to-do about saving trees do not have one of these troublesome things overhanging their property or, believe me they would soon have it lopped down.

Ted Fowler

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