Unsuitable behaviour for a role model

Ched Evans
Ched Evans
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I am writing in response to a letter in the Star on Tuesday about Ched Evans from Terry Palmer.

Mr Palmer clearly has an opinion regarding the verdicts in both trials, an opinion he is fully entitled to and I am in no way going to criticise him for that.

He is not the only person, however, to suggest that prominent figures who made comments regarding his earlier conviction now apologise.

Although Mr Palmer does not mention her by name others have stated that Jessica Ennis-Hill should be one of those who should be apologising.

My understanding of it is Jessica stated that she wished to distance herself from Sheffield United and also have her name removed from the main stand if Ched Evans was re-employed by them when he was released from prison.

One has to consider that at the time Jessica made those comments Ched Evans was a convicted rapist.

For someone who takes her status as a role model very seriously I don’t think there were many people who disagreed with the stance she took at that time – I certainly did not.

I accept that the latest trial has had a different outcome, however, even if one accepts Ched Evan’s version of events totally, he hardly comes out of this affair smelling of roses.

The Court has decided that his behaviour was not criminal, and it is right that the verdict of the court is respected.

However, there are those who are still of the opinion that his conduct was, at best, ungallant and was still well below what is acceptable of someone in the public eye, as Ched Evans is.

Phil Howling

Smithywood Crescent,Sheffield, S8