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Mary Steele is entitled to her view both on the referendum and on whether I am arrogant.

I believe that in a democracy we should respect a democratic vote but we are not obliged to agree with it – just as we are not all obliged to support the Conservatives each time they win an election.

As it turns out, the promises of the leave campaign have fallen flat, so to campaign for another chance to stay in Europe is not just a democratic right, it is a cause with justice on its side.

It is a tragedy that just as incomes were beginning to grow faster than inflation for the first time since 2008, after being flat for years as a consequence of the global financial crisis – 52 per cent of voters have now consigned Britain to another needless recession and a dramatic fall in the pound which will again push inflation up above wages.

There will no doubt be some people who will find a way to blame this reality on the EU too.

But I hope there will be more people who come to realise they were sold a lie by the leavers and that Britain is stronger, safer and more prosperous inside the EU and it is those people, along with the 48 per cent who voted to remain, who I seek to represent.

It is funny that Mary should mention the Iraq war, as the Liberal Democrats’ principled opposition to that bloody saga in the face of accusations of treason and cowardice from Labour, the Conservatives and the press, was one of my reasons for joining the party.

Was this not another example of holding an unpopular opinion and speaking out about it?

I doubt Mary would label this as arrogance.

Councillor Joe Otten

by email