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Terry Palmer has correctly observed that none of us have the right to question the decision of the jury which recently found that there was insufficient evidence to convict Ched Evans of rape.

Had he left it at that I would have had no cause to take issue with his letter, (Monday, October 24).

However he went on to make a deeply unpleasant observation about women entrapping footballers in clubs. He refers to a term for such women as, “Lilo Lils”.

If my understanding of the evidence is correct, Mr Evans had never met the young woman in a club or anywhere else until, invited by his friend, he joined them in a hotel room.

I also understand that, based on his own testimony, at no point did Mr Evans speak to her.

She has never accused Mr Evans or his friend of any crime, as she said that she was so drunk she has no memory of any of the events. I believe that the prosecution was brought by the CPS.

I would think that I am not alone in feeling deep unease about some of the evidence presented in the second trial provided by two men, and I use the term loosely, who gave evidence about sexual encounters with the woman which took place sometime after the night in question.

Introducing evidence about an alleged rape victim’s sexual history is contentious enough, but that the court chose to allow evidence about what the alleged victim did between the event and the trial is alarming to say the least.

Mick Andrews

Thorne Road, Doncaster, DN2