University rules the city

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I refer to the letter in the Star on Saturday, September 10, from Ron Clayton re: our heritage.

The amount of buildings being demolished by the University is a disgrace.

It would appear that the University in this city rules, not the council, because they can do no wrong.

The fact the great eyesore ie the Diamond building even got off the drawing board is an insult to our great city. What a shame it missed receiving the award for the biggest carbuncle award.

Sadly we lost many buildings during the blitz but now it is the council and the University who continue the devastation.

We do have to move on but why do we have to still be ruled by dictators?

How many more student flats do we need? Everywhere you go in and around the city centre student flats are being built to the detriment of people born and bred here.

It is an insult not an asset.

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