Uneducated fools?

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A letter’s page contributor, ‘name and address supplied,’ recently argued that all members of parliament should have the right to a say in the British government’s Brexit strategy.

Some MPs are even threatening to stop the implementation of article fifty.

Do they not understand that even the chosen negotiating team cannot, morally, keep us in the single market or accept any of the previously imposed conditions.

MPs gave up any future interference when they voted, six to one, in favour of letting the people decide.

Indeed, David Cameron famously said that if we chose to leave the single market, there would be no going back.

There is no such thing as a soft Brexit. The Government should be free to negotiate trade deals with all countries.

On the balance of trade, the EU would be completely bonkers not to come to a sensible agreement.

Once again, the same anti democracy rent-a- mob are foaming at the mouth. This time it’s following the outcome of the fair, and democratic, American election, where Donald Trump won in spite of him being demonised and ridiculed like no other presidential nominee in history.

The American electorate, just like the Brexit voters, have been called uneducated fools by the political and journalistic elite and by their parrot like, mind conditioned followers who, on cue, spit out their favourite lines like ‘nasty’ and ‘hate filled ’ with an unbelievable degree of nastiness and hate.

Is it possible that they are unhappy that an independent Great Britain could now be at the front of the US trade queue, with their beloved European Union floundering far behind?

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