Ukip is where my vote will go in June

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Now we have an election announced,Brexit is high on the agenda.

Well I voted out because of the following.

On the single market,we don’t need to be in it to trade with Europe. We can also trade more freely with the rest of the world and get better deals.

Our laws and regulations brought back here, instead of from unelected people in Brussels.

On migration, why do we need it in its present form.

We have 1.6 million unemployed, so get these people trained up and working first and indeed paying taxes etc.

Also migration means that our infrastructure cannot cope,with housing, law and order/police, education, health all struggling.

If we need staff etc for NHS and other industries, use our people first and cut the cost to benefits and welfare etc.

Now, we learn that pensions will be hit. Why? I have just retired, aged 63. I have worked hard for 47 years and paid my way, as many others have.

Yet, overseas aid is to be kept as it is. This aid should be cut by 60/70 percent. Savings made should be used to fund NHS, police, fire service and other industries.

Workers could be encouraged to fund charities in return for a slight tax cut.

Also other countries should do more, as we do much more than most.

On welfare, benefits should be cut if families have more than three kids. Why should the rest of society pay for them.

Tax could be increased on earnings above £50,000 per year on a sliding scale. This would be fair.

We should stop pampering druggies and alcoholics etc, and make them pay for treatment.

On law and order, there is a case to bring back capital punishment for murders and terrorists.

While I hope the Tories have a slight increase in their majority, I hope Ukip get a few seats at the expense of Labour as Corbyn is too soft and out of touch and Liberal Tim Farron is even worse.

Ukip will look out for us on that score.

Love him or hate him, Nigel Farage has been proved right on many issues and his only fault is he says what many think, but dare not say.

I hope Ukip carry on and that is where my vote will go.