UK too small for 250mph

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While debate continues to rage over whether the Sheffield HS2 station should be built at Meadowhall, Victoria or Midland, there are increasing worries about the value of the £55 billion project and the uncertain benefits to the North.

A recent academic review has called on the project to be halted so cheaper alternatives could be considered.

Costs could be saved by building a line to run at 190mph maximum, the same as the French TGV network, rather than 250mph.

The UK is too small to need an ultra-high speed network.

The French are building a line from Tours to Bordeaux costing £32 million per mile. HS2 is likely to cost at least £169m per mile under current proposals.

I would prefer a small amount of money to be made available to enable traffic to move freely through Woodseats and along Abbeydale Road.

JP Sanderson

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