Twilight zone for buses

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As a user of the X78 service to get to work, I felt the apology from Alan Riggall of First South Yorkshire was somewhat lacking.

The whole service seems to have got worse after the introduction of the X1 buses, which are very frequent and seem to have taken the shiny new buses that were originally on the X78.

As this bus does not go anywhere near where I work on Brightside Lane it is of no use to me other that to cause annoyance when waiting for the X78 that has gone to the twilight zone again.

I’m sorry, but people rely on these buses to get to and from their places of employment and not just to go shopping at Meadowhall.

The X78 is the only bus I can get from the interchange where my bus into town drops me off and roadworks is not a good enough excuse.

It can take me an hour to get to work as it is, but these days I am having to leave earlier. However, I think allowing two hours just in case the bus is a no-show again is getting ridiculous.

Has Mr Riggall had to rely on a service as unreliable as this to get to work?

I work a late shift so the buses have got all morning to get behind and delayed.

I’m surprised my employer has not been in touch. If I continue to be late for work I will have my wages deducted for the time I am late.

Will first South Yorkshire make up my pay? I don’t think so. Come on First, get this sorted. You charge enough for the privilege of being crammed on the bus like sardines because one or two of them are missing again.

From one of many very unhappy X78 customers

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