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Yes DS, Dronfield does understand the concept of how to use a ATM, and sometimes it does only take seconds.

Unless it is a slow ATM or you’re checking your balance and doing other transactions, or maybe they were changing their password because someone like you was peering over their shoulder watching their every move.

It really doesn’t take much to annoy, you does it? I suggest you either use contactless transactions or go to anger management classes.

But that would mean that you would have to admit that you have a serious problem.

If you feel you need help dealing with your anger, see your GP. There might be local anger management courses or counselling that could help you.



So full of arrogance

Lee Johnson’s letter in today’s Star shows either that he doesn’t think before he writes, or is so full of arrogance that he doesn’t care at all about others.

In my earlier letter I pointed out that even if he can use a cash machine quickly and efficiently he has no right to complain about others who may take a little longer than he’d like, which may possibly be because of illness or disability.

If he’s so convinced of himself I’ll get him to accompany an acquaintance who suffers from MS to one of these machines so that he can see how a little patience actually goes a long way.

Show some respect. Maybe one day it could be you who struggles to press a few keys quickly and efficiently.

Keith Elliott

by email

He has to have a pop

Lee Johnson seems like he has to have a pop at somebody.

First it’s somebody taking too long at an ATM, then it’s me about SUFC signings.

On the latter, let’s see, I’ll take it up when the season gets under way.

You seem to forget that SUFC were the best team in Yorkshire not just Sheffield for 11 year,s not so long ago.

Two years to the play-off semis and for what?

We’ll see who has bragging rights next April.



Diamonds for peanuts

Lee Johnson, (June 27), said anyone with a brain needs to understand that Sheffield United need to sign proper players and not lower-league players just to survive in the Championship.

What about Leicester City winning the 2015/16 Premier League title on a shoestring budget of £30 million?

The Foxes signed Jamie Vardy from Stocksbridge Park Steels of the First Division South of the Northern Premier League at level eight of the English football league system and he has scored 42 goals in 105 appearances for the Premiership club.

Pay peanuts and you sometimes get diamonds.



Remove the donkeys

Councillor Jackie Drayton tells us that it is the fault of Government cuts that the ghetto areas of Sheffield are now on the verge of falling into civil unrest.

It has nothing to do with the fact Britain has since Tony Blair cracked the seal on Pandora’s box and opened the floodgates to all and sundry with not even a health check on entry ensuring business can have a cheap supply of low-skilled, low-wage, zero-hour contract workers, private landlords have a constant source of income they can cram into their slums and the liberal elites can as Lord Mandelson put it “Rub our noses in diversity”.

Sheffield was the first City of Sanctuary and as such it has fallen far over these past 10 inglorious years. Many once proud working class areas are now filthy litter- strewn crime blighted ghettos where it is no longer safe to walk the streets for fear of being stabbed or shot.

Drug gangs fight turf wars in broad daylight and our council blame this on a lack of activities.

Does our council think that members of the drug gangs would if offered to chance to make lavender- scented playdough or splash around in paddling pools give up their lucrative trade in misery?

Does our council honestly believe the problem is that gang members cannot engage in local community issues that has them trapped into a terminal spiral of violence?

Personally, as a man of the world who does not have his head in the sand I would say that it is the easy money they can make and a toothless police force that is often unwilling to engage them for fear of upsetting the status quo and appearing “racist” that allows the gang members the ability to trade in fear, violence and misery. Well I say “enough”.

Enough of this council, enough of its insanity and absurdity, enough of its hare- brained ideological garbage that tries to paper over the cracks that will in time tear Sheffield into pieces.

Sheffield Council sickens me to the pit of my stomach.

We have Councillors like Jackie Drayton who tell us all the faults in the world are at the door of central government and Brian Lodge, councillor for the environment who will happily sign off the destruction of the Nether Edge Elm tree, (along with thousands of others), with a smile on his face and in doing so remove one of only 1,500 such trees left in the country and eradicate a colony of critically endangered white-letter hairstreak butterflies in doing so because it suits party policy to drive this through at any cost rather than admit the council position is ever wrong.

And yet the people of Sheffield keep voting in the donkeys.

It is time to remove the donkeys from power. Sheffield deserves better, let us remove “party” politics from local councils and begin again.



On the up and the down

I am a Tesco shopper, all my goods come on a van. Maybe I should try the market but I never went in the old one so I never spend there.

The new Moor is looking good, odd shops that have seen better days but it’s on the right track. I don’t venture up Fargate much except to Marks but the Moor is on the up from Fargate to the old market that’s on the way down. It’s looking very neglected. I give that end a wide berth, a shame but it needs a big facelift as well.

Jayne Grayson

by email

What a great crew

You have to hand it to the staff at The Star, with their offices on York Street being sold and nowhere to get their heads down and push their pens, and yet still produce a great paper.

It just goes to show what a great crew the editor has to keep on top.

EB Warris

by email

More smug than usual

Simon Cowell will be more smug than usual as the charity record went to number one.

Yet Ed Sheeran’s new single only charted at 37. Perfect, it is called, not so perfect for this boring smug, irritating man.

Just wish he’d give up.

Lee Johnson

by email