Trees boring, not to me

Save the trees campaign on Rustlings Road in Sheffield
Save the trees campaign on Rustlings Road in Sheffield
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Ted Fowler is correct, protesters have made the case and more for an end to tree felling, unless the tree is, or has become dangerous, but the council are struggling to take in the information.

The council said there would be no tree felling for the time being, but there was.

The categories trees have been placed in have changed so a lack of trust has developed.

Trees that we were told needed felling were found by independent arborists not to need felling.

The issue has highlighted for many that the way the council currently works is not democratic, rightly, people do not like that and want to challenge it.

I’m sure Ted isn’t the only one fed up with it all.

It’s true, what bores some will interest others, that’s human beings for you.

But as humans we do need trees, perhaps more than we think. They absorb pollution, help in the battle against climate change, many have fascinating histories, such as the three miles of lime trees on Rivelin Valley Road, or trees planted in memory of those who died in the first world war on Western Road.

Some will be part of family history, some will offer shelter for birds, bees and insects, they are valuable and Sheffield is known for them.

Let’s not agree to anything that could destroy such value.

Rachel Hardy

Raleigh Road, Heeley, S2