Tree should be spared on these grounds

white-letter hairstreak
white-letter hairstreak
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I have deliberately stayed out of the debate on Sheffield trees believing that arguments on both sides have some merit.

I also believe that the council’s hands are severely tied by the contract which does not allow engineering solutions without great cost and while we are still in the era of imposed austerity council funds are better spent elsewhere.

However, I am horrified and dismayed that the council are allowing Amey to fell the 120-year-old Huntingdon elm tree that graces the corner of Union and Chelsea roads in Nether Edge.

This tree is one of only four mature elms in Sheffield to survive the ravages of Dutch elm disease and came second in a national poll to find English tree of the year in 2016.

It is also home to a colony of white-letter hairstreak butterflies which are an increasingly rare species and the tree should be spared on those grounds alone.

This tree will come to symbolise the current struggle taking place and will be remembered long after the current furore has died down.

I cannot believe that Brian Lodge and his colleagues are going to allow the removal of this remarkable tree when a simple no-cost solution to its continued existence has already been tentatively agreed.

Nationally rare butterfly

I am writing to express my dismay at the decision of the council to cut down the tree on the corner of Chelsea Road and Union Road in Nether Edge.

That it is home to a nationally rare butterfly, only recently recorded in this city, is apparently of no significance to them.

They are apparently disregarding the advice of their own tree panel.

If saving money was the object of the exercise why did they pay the wages of that panel?

Yours, distressed and angry that my ‘representatives’ could be so small minded,

Bill Atherton

Adelaide Rd, S7

The butterfly on my hand, in my attic, just round the corner from the elm tree, is a white-letter hairstreak.

Apparently, it’s a female.

John Scholey

Clifford Road , S11