Tree panel ignored

Save the trees campaign on Rustlings Road in Sheffield
Save the trees campaign on Rustlings Road in Sheffield
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Many people in Sheffield have been outraged by the decision of the SCC/Amey nexus to remove many of the healthy street trees which form a much appreciated part of the environment in our city.

In response to this concern SCC formed an Independent Tree Panel to assess the merits of those trees whose removal was most hotly contested.

The results of the ITP’s assessments are beginning to emerge.

In four streets in Dore the panel found that 10 ‘slated for the chop’ were indeed healthy, but three were damaging the pavement.

It recommended that seven should be retained. SCC/Amey have only agreed to save one.

The panel was still carrying out inspections in Dore last week.

As of the end of May the work of the panel has cost SCC £40,000 (FOI request).

What is the point of paying for inspections to be made and then ignoring the recommendation?

This seems rather expensive window dressing.

Timothy Treffry