Traffic madness

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This is a typical scene at Malin Bridge during the morning rush.

What should be a quiet suburb is snarled up in all directions, one person to a car, wasting thousands of hours every single day.

The entire system is broken.

The bus companies are fleecing us blind and commuters refuse to take any responsibility.

We need a congestion charge, subsidising a fit-for-purpose public transport system, and we need it now.

Sheffield City Council is clearly not up to the challenge.

Time for an elected mayor with full authority for public transport.



We’re still leaving EU

The best way to find out what a treaty says is to read it.

The “Section 2015-024” that Mary Steele refers to is not from the Lisbon Treaty – it is a posting number on the EU-phobic website “Europrobe”, and she simply repeats this word for word.

That post is wrong in a number of ways.

It refers to “qualitative voting”, meaning “qualified majority voting”.

It states that QVM starts on March 31 this year, when it has been in place longer than the Lisbon Treaty itself (2009).

Finally, it says 14 countries have to agree that we can leave, and this is false, as can easily be learned by reading Article 50 – other countries do not get to vote on whether we leave.

Internet comments are indeed often contradictory, but this particular one contradicts reality.

See to read the treaty for yourself.

Before and since the referendum, we have had a shockingly poor standard of debate.

Both remainers and leavers have looked only for assertions that supported their own position, and have then repeated whatever confirmed their point of view, even if nonsensical.

Leaders on both sides have done what they can to limit our understanding, boiling a complex issue down to simplistic slogans.

No wonder trust and engagement in politics is so low.

I encourage all Star readers, on any subject, whatever your politics: treat all commentators sceptically, go to the source material, listen to arguments rather than assertions, and make up your own mind.

J Robin Hughes

Towngate Road, Worrall, S3

Concern over Carbrook

Sean Fogg of West Street Leisure deserves a plaudit for responding to public opinion and concern over Carbrook Hall, (Star, March 22).

Mr Fogg, I would ask you to safeguard the Civil War replica items in the building as it may be we can find an alternative home if need be.

Thank you also for ‘safeguarding’ the property as indicated in the piece.

The building requires considerable investment as shown by the picture of the window, but has great potential and is indeed needed on what is becoming a rather barren drive through with the exception of one or two quality venues.

I am aware of tentative interest from someone who could do the right thing by this historic building.

Finally, without being pedantic, it wasn’t built with timber or masonry from Sheffield Castle nor did Dick Turpin stop there.

It needs not legend to add to its allure.

John Bright’s Regiment of Foote (Civil War re-enactment troupe) used the Hall as their HQ.

Ron Clayton


Mindless idiots

As you walk on Bellhouse Road before LadySave at Firth Park you are met with the mindless idiots who continue to park on the pavement there.

I have people riding on the pavement at me and had abuse from the people as well.

I think there should be someone patrolling the area as this happens on a regular basis.

Lee Johnson

by email

Being without a father

Although being without a father from very early childhood, I have long since appreciated how fortunate I and many others like me were.

I never witnessed any conflict between my parents or experienced any trauma and mental hurt towards me and my sister, Sylvia.

I benefited from a good mother (and sister) being provided with a regular weekly maintenance payment (but never anything for Christmas or birthdays).

As a boy entering secondary school, my father became the one who was missing from the family photograph.

The first words that I heard from my father were: “This is your father speaking. I’m sorry to learn about your mother dying. I will not be coming to the funeral”. I was 38 years old.

However, how many children today continue to suffer from strained partnerships, experiencing physical and mental abuse? And how many go without family financial support following separation?

Mike Dodgson


Keep taking paracetamol

The dread when you realise you are going to have to phone the doctors, it’s one call you hate making.

After trying to get through 87 times on ring back it finally rings, then it’s the third degree about what’s going on.

It’s not the receptionists’ fault, we know that they are only obeying orders, but if you need to make that call to see a medic what’s with all the obstacles put in the way so you don’t see the?.

After all that you go on a list, doctor will phone you back and see what’s what.

If you are one of the chosen few you will get that elusive appointment.

Bring back the good old days, you got to surgery before 10am, when you took a seat, waited, then the door was locked so all those waiting saw the doctor.

Hopefully, I won’t have to make the dreaded call again for another year or two.

Keep taking the paracetamol, it’s a cure all.

Jayne Grayson

by email