To go or not to go?

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Oh dear! All these black actors complaining that not enough of them are nominated and recommended for Oscars and they are therefore prepared to boycott the show.

Don’t they ever stop to think that just maybe it’s possible that none of the black members of the film industry at this time have been good enough to warrant a nomination?

We had a similar complaint from Sir Lenny Henry not long ago, who by the way was quick to accept his knighthood, saying more black faces should be on the BBC and lately Idris Elba complaining about opportunities here in the UK for black actors.

Again do they not think the reason could just may be that they just haven’t been good enough?

Of course their answer is always the same – “it’s racism”.

By boycotting the Oscars because it is Caucasian dominated this year surely isn’t being racist against the whites – is it?

Michael Caine got it right by saying: “You don’t vote for an actor because he’s black.”

Sir Lenny and Idris take note!

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74