This tree wants culling Coun Lodge!

A sign on tree cut down by contractors in Rustlings Road
A sign on tree cut down by contractors in Rustlings Road
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Shiregreen having been the first area to have its roads resurfaced, we have finally been advised that the main roads are now to be done. This will be sometime in June apparently, but they can’t say when exactly. I can imagine it being chaos as the kids will still be at the local school.

I don’t know if this also includes the pavements, as it has in other areas, because when Sanctuary Housing took over the running of the estate a decade ago one of the things they did was resurface the pavements. The pavements are generally in a good condition, so it seems a total waste of money if Amey are intending to resurface them again. However, with Amey, and this council, nothing would surprise me.

But either way, there are some things that need addressing. For example, there is a huge tree at the bottom of Gregg House Road, whose roots were breaking up the pavement when Sanctuary took over. They patched up the pavement around the tree while doing the resurfacing. Two years ago a team of three men spent all day patching up the area again as the roots had broken through once more. Today the roots are breaking through again, the pavement all around the tree is cracking for several yards, and a neighbour’s front garden wall is cracking and beginning to lean ready to possibly fall down. What is the point of re-patching, or resurfacing this stretch of pavement? The tree is in fact a damned nuisance. It covers the frontage of three houses, it’s continually breaking up the pavement, it drops a million leaves every autumn filling residents gardens and covering the pavement. The pavement becomes slippy when the leaves are wet, which is not good as the local school is across the road and kids could easily slip and injure themselves.

A health and safety hazard in my opinion.

I did write to Coun Lodge in Environmental Services at the council last year to ask if this tree could be removed because it is just going to continue damaging the pavement, blocking drains and gutters and be a slipping and tripping risk. I did not get a reply.

I know some people don’t like chopping trees down, but if it can be done in other parts of the city, then it can be done at the bottom of Gregg House Road.

A smaller replacement tree wouldn’t be a problem.

I suspect the tree will remain and the pavement will continue to break up every couple of years, and money will continue to be spent in repairs.

It would be typical of the council and Amey to take this route, instead of getting rid of the problem once and for all.

S Collins