This is not sour grapes

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The city council elections never fail to bring up something extraordinary every year, including this year’s two very close results between Labour and UKIP in the Stocksbridge and Upper Don Ward and an eventual tie in the West Ecclesfield Ward.

After numerous recounts in both wards it was deemed that Richard Crowther, (Labour), had amassed three more votes than Graeme Waddicar, (UKIP), and therefore went through to continue to represent the ward,

I was immensely pleased to see both candidates offer each other their hand in victory or consolation prior to the official announcement and again on the stage afterwards.

What I must mention here is the abominable behaviour of the majority of the Labour party after the drawing of lots to decide the result in West Ecclesfield.

After numerous recounts Zoe Sykes (Labour) and David Ogle (UKIP) were tied in a dead heat, and after the drawing of lots Zoe Sykes retained her seat.

What was upsetting at this point was the whooping and hollering by the majority of the Labour Party with little or no respect for the gallant loser.

In particular Coun Steve Wilson leapt about like a demented dingo with a thorn in its foot screaming and red faced to the point that I thought cardiac treatment may have been required.

Yes, celebrate by all means but to act in such an ungainly manner speaks volumes for the administration we find once again in power at the Town Hall.

May I say at this point, csend ongratulations to all those who were elected, my sincere commiserations for those who did not make it this time round and a great big thank you to those in Stocksbridge and Upper Don who voted for me and Jack Clarkson.

We will not let you down.

UKIP Councillor Keith Davis

Stocksbridge and Upper Don Ward