Things that will happen

The Old Town Hall on Castlegate
The Old Town Hall on Castlegate
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Things that will happen before the Old Town Hall is restored.

The Titanic will be recovered, Amey will think of the people of Sheffield before taking stone slabs that top old walls, First buses will run on time, political correctness will be shown the door, the flow of migrants to these shores will end, England will win the World Cup three times on the trot, Donald Trump will get his hair fixed, Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United will dominate the Premier League and Europe putting the Spanish clubs in their place.

The minimum hourly rate will be raised to £12 per hour, Julie Dore will realise she’s not helped Sheffield, the Castle will be rebuilt and turned into student flats,.

All people caught fly tipping or dropping litter will be publicly flogged, drunks and beggars will be put to work filling in the Channel Tunnel, the price of beer will be drastically reduced to 75p per pint and each pint served will be a full pint.

The television licence will be scrapped and the BBC will pay us to watch their programmes, swearing on TV and in public places will be banned by act of Parliament, anyone breaking that law will have their mouths sewn up for a year.

Yorkshire will become the centre of the world and all pigs will have the ability to fly, people will be living on other planets throughout the galaxy making Hendersons Relish and selling it to Aliens.

Then and only then will the possibility of any kind of work starting on the Old Town Hall begin.

The Green Giant

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