They shouldn’t all be housed in Page Hall

Crowds in Page Hall
Crowds in Page Hall
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I write this in response to I Wallis, (Star Letter, September 17), a letter that is very well-informed and shares my sentiments.

South Yorkshire Police and Sheffield City Council, in particular local councillors, do not surprise me when they choose to turn a blind eye to the plight of the residents in Page Hall.

With regards to the police it makes you wonder if they choose to ignore the issues due to ‘cultural sensitivities’.

The council, more to the point Labour, also seem to be content with ignoring the issues in the area and this is demonstrated with I Wallis’ reference to a reply received from a local councillor, “you’ll just have to put up with it”.

Labour councillors continue to ignore issues raised by the people they are supposed to represent and their incompetence in running this city does not stop at failing to deal with the issues in Page Hall (the ongoing saga with the city centre regeneration scheme is testament to this).

However, Labour are in a state of shock when they lose a by-election in the city.

The people of Sheffield have had enough of the ignorance and incompetence shown by Labour and it looks as though they are now starting to be punished through the ballot box.

Returning to the issue of Page Hall, I believe the first step in combating this problem is to evenly distribute the Roma/Slovak communities around the city, rather than the council just housing them in the Page Hall area.

This would mean the problem is not concentrated in one area and should make it easier to deal with.

The rest is for the police and council to decide, but I’m not holding my breath.