Theatre in the sky - aerial play hits Park Hill heights

Park Hill flats in Sheffield
Park Hill flats in Sheffield
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IT has inspired everything from artwork to handbags, from pencil cases to people wondering ‘Why the Hell don’t they knock that monstrosity down?’

Now it seems Sheffield’s Park Hill is to be turned into a giant stage for a spectacular production by the world famous National Youth Theatre.

More than 300 gymnasts, aerial acrobats, dancers, musicians and actors will perform in the amphitheatres, streets in the sky and grass areas of the iconic estate.

The audience will be led round the complex as the play – called Slick, and focusing on environmental issues – unfolds. Parts of the estate will be decked out in swathes of huge material to create a stunning backdrop, while the aerial acrobats will perform stunts from the buildings themselves.

A similar production at London’s Battersea Power Station was hailed a massive success last year.

“We were looking for somewhere in the north and Park Hill is perfect,” says Joe Duggan, policy manager with the NYT and a Lodge Moor lad.

“It’s got a real sense of history and it’s such a dramatic backdrop.”

The show runs September 1 - 3, 7.15pm each night. Tickets free at