The vote was for out

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Michael Thompson thinks we should vote again on Brexit. Wrong, the vote was for out so get over it and deal with it. Why didn’t so many others vote to remain?

I voted out because the money we keep, which is ours can be spent how we want. It can help the NHS and other issues such as farming, fishing and indeed other services.

I voted out so we sort our own laws etc and we govern ourselves accordingly. I voted on migration as well.

No one asked me and others if we wanted to be a city of sanctuary, or indeed our country to be so. If you think migration is good, go to areas such as Page Hall. It’s a disgrace, no respect for our country whatsoever.

Not only that, if lower paid jobs in NHS and other areas are to be filled, we have 1.7 million out of work. Get these working first. If the pay is less than benefits, they should still work, but could have it made up with benefits, not getting all the money for doing nothing. Added to this, put a stop to the benefit machines who have more than three kids, or have kids under age.

Back to migration, why are many young men, yet not fighting for their country like our lads did in world wars. Its time we stopped being a soft touch. We can’t look after our own people, people with cancers etc, yet we can’t afford treatments for some. This includes kids and older people who have paid into our system, unlike many migrants who can’t speak a word of English and therefore unlikely to ever work. I see many of these during my work. We have to have interpreters at doctor surgerys etc, yet many never turn up, but the interpreters are still paid.

Finally, it’s also time we stopped pampering criminals, druggies who are self inflicted and alcoholics. It their choice for that way of life.