The unnecessary tree-felling scandal

Save the trees campaign on Rustlings Road in Sheffield
Save the trees campaign on Rustlings Road in Sheffield
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We have seen yet more terrible scenes of totally unnecessary tree felling on our city’s streets this week with many brave protesters including one councillor arrested and lots of very distressed people sickened at the massacre of yet more beautiful, healthy, mature trees.

Please do not let me hear once again the ridiculous comment from SCC that they are replacing all the trees we are losing, as they are NOT.

There is absolutely no way that saplings or younger trees can compensate for those with large canopies that have enhanced our streets for decades and protected us from the high level of road pollution we have in Sheffield.

When is this madness going to stop and who in authority will eventually be brave enough to admit this whole nasty business is wrong and bring this disgraceful massacre of our city’s street trees to an end?

Sheffield City Council has the audacity to say that the protesters’ actions are costing huge amounts of public money!.

Wrong. It is SCC’s and Amey’s irresponsible tree- felling programme that is the big problem, as if they stopped this environmental vandalism now then this whole distressing episode and the campaigners’ protests could also be halted.

Could anyone please explain to me why I should show respect for Sheffield City Council and Amey’s workmen? They have shown no respect whatsoever for the views of residents and certainly no respect for the beautiful living things they are callously cutting down.

I am appalled and disturbed to think about the mindset of people who can go to work each day and appear to have no guilty conscience about the misery and distress they are causing to people merely trying to protect their environment and save the lovely healthy trees that had many more years of life ahead of them until they became victims of Amey’s chainsaws.

However, make no mistake in thinking that Sheffield City Council will be allowed to forget this shameful act of lunacy and total disregard for residents and arboricultural experts, as ultimately they will be brought to account for the destruction of an important part of our heritage.

Susan Richardson

Lodge Moor, S10