The UK is full up

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David Cameron will never get his own way with the EU and Noel Edmonds is spot on about the UK being full up.

Next year, hopefully, the in or out of the EU referendum will take place, and for all of you who do not know what to vote, then this is easy, OUT.

The EU commission, led by Jean Claude Junker, may be sending “junck” mail propaganda through your letterboxes, pleading with you to stay in the EU.

Ignore this trash mail and put it in the bin. We need to boot out all the Europeans, undesirable immigrants and all the other immigrants after war has stopped in their homelands, without having to go through the silly human rights courts in the EU.

Once this has been carried out, then you will once again be able to get homes, empty surgeries, hospitals and schools.

This great island of ours has oil fracking and still billions of tons of coal under our feet.

Maybe the Prime Minister should open up and nationalise the mines again, and send HM prisoners down them so that we could have cheap coal to run our power stations.

I can’t wait to get my navy blue, United Kingdom passport again.

J Bull