The Stirrings in Sheffield

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We’ve just been to see Stirrings at the Library Theatre in Sheffield. If you haven’t booked tickets already, you must. It’s the best amateur production of it that I’ve seen since the original in the 1960s.

Quick-witted, hilarious in parts, poignant in other parts – and all the places you know from Kelham Island (Wheatman and Smith outrage), Scotland Street murder, Hereford Street, etc. not to mention Isaac Ironside and the Gas Company wars.

Historically almost all accurate, some good period songs, etc. Anyone interested in Sheffield history ought to see it. It runs until tomorrow (including matinee) but they told me there are only a few seats left. So, if you haven’t booked already ring them now to find out what evenings are still available.

Tel. 07580 470900. Or:!current/cee5

Robin Fielder