The Star Opinion: Generous act reaps reward

Opinion: Star editorial comment.
Opinion: Star editorial comment.
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TAKE a bow, Sajid Quader. He owns Butler’s Balti House in Sheffield and has just given £700 to one of his customers.

Generous Sajid acted after a former employee stole cash from 73-year-old Leslie Morton, a regular at the restaurant.

This was a breach of trust, made worse by the fact that Leslie considered the waiter Akhtar Mahmood to be a friend.

The sad episode shocked Sajid and he rightly sacked Mahmood.

He also decided to visit Leslie and pay back the £700. Sajid didn’t have to do that, but he is clearly a man of honour.

It was a fantastic gesture. No wonder Leslie says Sajid is a lovely man and will be heading back to the restaurant soon.

And if all businesses show such care for their customers, they will reap similar rewards of loyalty.


PEOPLE power has once again flexed its muscle and seen off an unwanted development.

This time it’s residents in Wincobabank who are celebrating after a developer lost an appeal against the refusal of planning permission for homes on a historic site.

The Friends of Wincobank Hill led the campaign, which included a protest walk across the land last summer.

A 1,000-signature petition was also submitted.

Their case was that part of the ancient Roman Ridge defensive line may be buried beneath the site.

Credit to them for putting a well-argued case and convincing the inspector of its merits.

It shows once again that when people work together, they get the job done.


FOOTBALL managers often talk about being disciplined, only to see their players let them down.

But that shouldn’t be the case at Sheffield United after the players voted to introduce a system of self-imposed punishments and fines.

As they chase promotion, the players resolved to try and do everything absolutely right from now on.

So fines have been increased for things like being late for training, gym sessions and even lunch.

If this earns them automatic promotion to the Championship, it will have been well worth it.

No Blade wants to go down the play-off route, so no doubt they will sign up to the strict new regime.