The Scots are still moaning

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Looks as though the Scottish poison pixie and her erratic elves are gearing up for the pantomime season, oh wait! They are permanently stuck in the pantomime season.

How this ‘shower’ were ever re-elected beats me, they are without doubt, the worst politicians ever to disgrace the Scottish nation.

Euro-trotting ‘Krankie’ Sturgeon should hang her head in shame and resign, not just from the leadership but from politics altogether.

No one ain’t going to change the minds of these Scottish harridans, because just like the EU they are undemocratic. The EU referendum was for the whole of the UK not just for Scotland.

If you, the Scots, want to stay in the EU then leave the UK, and then try to join the EU. No sorry! They don’t want you because they see you as trouble in the making and also financially broke as well as being intellectually immune to logic.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74