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Well, well, well, we now have another political top-liner coming out of the woodwork in recent days, to confess, that it was never true, that coming out of Brexit would release for the UK an extra £350 million a week for the NHS. This fabrication was a lynchpin promise in the Vote Leave campaign, which many leading Government politicians endorsed at the time as being fact.

Jeremy Hunt, Health Minister of Government in his confession then went on to say that voters wanted a “credible promise” (how incredible is that?) while also claiming the Conservatives had already invested an extra £6.5 billion “over the last few years”.

At the same time, he has made no reference, (not surprisingly), to the assaults inflicted upon the NHS, under his tenure.

This is not the first time, that evident misrepresentation presents to have been deployed by those in Government, driven to peddle a wrongful narrative to manipulate public opinion and thinking.

In fact multi-millionaire, Jeremy Richard Strensham Hunt, (to give him his full name), the man, who was hell bent on slashing hard working ordinary junior doctors ‘pay, as Health Minister was accused during the Jun dispute, by the editor of the British Medical Journal, statisticians and the BMA council chair, amongst others, of having misrepresented research in order to support his claim that a lack of adequate staffing in the National Health Service at weekends had led to avoidable deaths.

The data and experts in the field, identified this to be wholly untrue.

If Governments, political parties’ and their leaders can blatantly peddle inaccuracies to the public in this way, doing so without repent or proper redress, it conjures up concern about what else they might be doing or have intent to do, by way of manipulating realities to get people behind them, only later, when secured, to turn around and admit that what was promised was never really achievable and not borne out by facts or data at the time, in any event.

After all the means justify the end result, seems to be the game at play.

In this game, honouring and standing by your word, not manipulating realities, upholding integrity, seems to stand for nought. So much for the Nolan Rules.

All politicians, no matter what party they come from, and especially those wielding power, should not be disingenuous, the public of the UK, expect and deserve better.

Patrick MELEADy

by email