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AG, in Friday’s Star condemned Wednesday fans for standing the whole game through at Wembley.

Well let me tell you something, AG, I go to most of the Owls’ away games and have done for a good few years and I have never seen any away fans seated.

The norm is to stand, sing, cheer and shout, much more effective when you’re standing.

My educated guess would be that you have never attended other Owls’ away games but somehow managed to get a ticket for this showpiece final at the cost of some regular supporter.

As for the PA system, don’t go to Wolves, MK Dons or Brighton it’ll frighten you to death.

There are disabled areas in all grounds for the infirm, and children are always accommodated by the “regular away fans”.

Every stadium I have ever attended has had a no-standing policy but 50 stewards and masses of away fans equals no contest.

John Vintin

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