The new Stanage pole

The replacement Stanage Pole
The replacement Stanage Pole
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In your story about the new Stanage Pole, you mention it was last replaced in 1915.

There is a little more to it than that, for in 1915 the pole mysteriously disappeared.

With a canny eye for promotion, Messrs. Brown, Bayley’s Steel Works Ltd. offered “to supply a pole made of the new stainless and rustless steel, turned and polished in any way desired”, which the highways and sewage committee of Sheffield Corporation enthusiastically accepted.

Not so the full council, who voted that the committee’s minutes be approved, “except so much thereof as relates to Stanedge (sic) Pole.”

Unabashed, the committee resolved to “reaffirm their resolution of the 19th November last, thanking Messrs. Brown, Bayley’s Steel Works Ltd. for their offer of a steel pole, and instructing the city surveyor to make all necessary arrangements for fixing the same.”

At the next full council meeting, the truth came out: the Hunter Archaeological Society strongly disapproved of a steel pole at Stanage, and council accepted their proposal for a new wooden pole by 22 votes to 18, but not without the vote being recorded by the Highways and Sewage stalwarts, to name and shame the Luddites who had thwarted progress.

J Robin Hughes

Towngate Road, Worrall, Sheffield, S35