The Moor Motor Show

Moor Classic Car Show held on The Moor in Sheffield'Plenty of visitors flocked to The Moor
Moor Classic Car Show held on The Moor in Sheffield'Plenty of visitors flocked to The Moor
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I would be interested to know what has happened to the motorcycle display at the Moor Motor show this year. We have exhibited our motorbike since this show first started ten years ago and were very disappointed to find out that they were not welcome at this years event.

Some friends on their arrival were told that they were not welcome but could stay as they were already there, when the official was questioned as to why he replied that there wasnt enough room this year. Sorry but I just dont agree with that statement there was plenty of room for the bikes. All the years previously the Moor managers had provided the market marquees for the bikes to be parked under, well there was nothing this year only a stall with toys on for the children or adults as the case maybe.

In the past this town centre show has attracted a large following of people coming to see the bikes and the very few who did bring their bikes were constantly being asked where they all were, uhm, not good at all.

I may be wrong but are the Moor management aiming to provide a better image of the new Moor by excluding the motorcycles now, well if they are they have got that so very wrong according to what I was hearing on Sunday. In earlier years I have had words with the organiser about putting the bikes at the bottom of the Moor and obstructing the view of the bikes by other displays and that elderly people who wish to relive their youth found it difficult to access them which spoilt their enjoyment of an otherwise nice day out.

So Moor managers please explain yourselves about this situation I am sure there will be lots of interest in your reply.

Mel Roberts

by email

Competition working

So British Gas has put the price of gas and electricity up in spite of the wholesale costs going down.

Nothing wrong in that, that is competition working. It means who can charge the most and get away with it.

I remember as a young apprentice back in the late 1940s when the Labour government of Clement Attlee was nationalising things, all the working Tory men were saying it would not work because there would be no competition.

Well, you know now what competition is. We have had the railways with sky high fares and bad service. More than 30 different companies are now running the trains. The Government had to take over the East Coast Mainline a few years ago. It was making millions for the country. Then the great George Gideon Osborne de-nationalised it. Virgin Trains made a profit while the country borrowed money.

Now we have European state railways milking our train services and sending all the profit to Europe.

It’s no wonder Jeremy Corbyn jumped on the nationalisation band wagon before the last election.

M Thompson

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The classic car event

You published two pictures in Monday’s Star about the Classic Car event on The Moor and stated that it was organised by the Rotary Club, it was not. It was organised by The Moor Management team fronted by Sandra Barley. The Rotary Club helped on Sunday morning with marshalling the cars and bikes. I would like to say a big thank you to Sandra and her team for a good event as usual, also organising good weather!

While it was good to get some pictures and LOTS of people you could only just see the cars in the pictures for the people.

Graham Beck

by email

‘Outstanding liability’

Labour Councillor Peter Price again says the World Student Games deficit was “settled” in 1992 (Star, August 2). So we again have to direct people to recent Sheffield City Council accounts which say “The outstanding liability as at 31 March 2016 is £114.7million.”

The mainly roofless Don Valley Stadium was seen by many as an expensive white elephant and has now been demolished. But other venues have attracted big events - the Sheffield Olympics GB National Summer Games are very welcome here from August 7 to 12.

Clive Betts MP commented in 2011 “Labour borrowed money to provide facilities that are extremely well-used, and an asset for Sheffield.” The question is whether or not they have provided value for money. Debt refinancing means a final cost of £650 million with annual repayments of up to £30 million continuing to 2024. That’s more than four times the original cost of building venues for the 1991 Games.

Peter Garbutt

Sheffield Green Party

What was the point?

What on earth was the point of the survey you published into what makes a happy marriage?

I agree that arguing is healthy - it means that both partners feel able to express their opinions freely and debate them. So long as both parties are also willing to accept their differing views and not belittle them, the making up process can be wonderful.

As for the rest these kinds of statistics would seem to cause more problems than they solve. After reading your article, will couples now be struggling to conform, comparing their own relationships with the perceived Ideal? Will this involve marking the calendar every time they have sex and leave them wondering why they don’t feel the need to go out on regular dates and keep them awake worrying about what sort of presents they are supposed to be buying on another 180 days a year!

J Allinson

by email

The Battle of Passchendaele

A poem to those who fell at Passchendaele

As we stand upon those fields now silent to history and to all past sounds of war yet all around are the ghosts of soldiers without now a voice to be heard upon the world , the sun shines this day where once the sky was made dark by the smoke of battle and upon this field few survived the waves of bullets bombs and shells and each soldier would hope these not would find their mark and ruin them in this world, beneath my feet rest those that hope did by war abandon and were lost to the mud and craters where they fell with comrades and to this day remain still lost to the earth, where then did their families find peace when no part of their being will journey home and where able they would be to grieve upon a marbled stone with remembered flowers,they now left only with the memories of their growing some chance photos and their workday clothes that would forever await their return, war has a price that many will pay to stand fast against those they oppose and hope it’s cause to be just

Poem by Robin Gissing snr