The least of their worries

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In reply to JD Arnold’s letter about our birds of prey, I have to believe that he/she is not a countryside dweller.

I live in Grenoside and have both Greno Woods and Wharncliffe Crags on my doorstep and I take great advantage of them both. I am a 73-year-old schoolboy who loves to be in the woods, but even though this time of the year is an exciting time with birds all busy feeding their chicks, it is also a very cruel time with songbirds of all kinds under threat from every direction.

May I suggest that the various birds of prey in our woods are perhaps the least of the worries that small birds have and that they face far worse dangers from the likes of jays, crows, magpies and woodpeckers, but most of all grey squirrels.

If you add all these assassins together, they do far more harm to our songbirds than the beautiful birds of prey.

David A Green


Reluctance to score goals

After Sheffield Wednesday’s penalty shoot-out defeat by Huddersfield, the Wednesday manager was quoted as saying that one of his players said he did not feel confident to take the kick and the worst thing he could have done was to force him to take one.

The player in question is a striker whose job should be to score goals.

Yet when his goalscoring skills are needed by his team he bottles out – leaving his team mates to perform in his place.

If the striker feels unable to take a penalty kick, does he have the same reluctance to score goals during the match?

Any professional player on Championship wages should be prepared to give their all for the team and not leave it to their colleagues with lesser scoring skills when it comes to a penalty shoot-out.

Before the fans of the Sheffield football fraternity come baying for my blood, I do not support Wednesday or United and my comments apply to any professional football player in a similar situation.

Cyril Olsen

Busk Meadow, Sheffield, S5

I’m in a bit of a dilemma

I feel as if I am in a bit of a dilemma. After 60 years as a Labour voter, I no longer can trust them.

Tony Blair stabbed the country in the back, made himself a billionaire and never worked for the working man.

Sheffield council has wasted our money for years, Kelvin flats, Hole-in-the-Road, Egg Box town hall, Arundel Gate underpass, Hyde Park flats, the Arena and so forth.

I certainly won’t vote Conservative after what Maggie did to industry, and it’s a no to the Liberals after Mr Clegg turned his back on the students last year and the Brexit fiasco.

What’s left? Green Party or Mr Nuttall?

I certainly won’t want to waste my vote.


Shiregreen Owl

Nice and friendly

Re the letter of May 15 from Jayne Grayson about the One Show with the Prime Minister and her husband.

I thought it was very nice and friendly.

They weren’t invited to talk about politics, just about themselves as a couple.

They’ve had their bad times and good ones, and like a lot of us take it in their stride. I know one thing, I wouldn’t like to change places.

Mrs Frost


Student games

On May 10, Councillor Peter Price says that he is proud of our city, and comments on the funding of the World Student Games.

He referred to a payment made in 1992 for the games and said that it left no debt.

I understand that the games were well organised but did not make as much money as hoped.

Presumably this is why the payment Coun Price refers to was made from reserves, rather than from income generated by the games themselves.

He goes on to say that the funding agreement for the games has been refinanced over the years to fund council services, which means that the debt from the games has been rolled over rather than got rid of.

Any way you look at this, if it were not for the cost of the games out of the city’s reserves the refinance borrowing would not have been needed to pay for council services.

I agree with Coun Price that Sheffield City Council has many achievements to be proud of, but from his own words, the debt from the World Student Games may have been moved about but it is very much here today.

Paul Heaton

by email

A great invention

I’ve often wondered why no company has ever manufactured an aerosol spray which, when sprayed onto dog mess, simply dissolves it, without harming plants, animals or humans hopefully.

If someone does develop such a spray, could they give me a few shares in their company for thinking of it?

JD Arnold


Fund the data collection

Your excellent article on air pollution was based almost entirely on data collected by volunteers for the East End Quality of Life Initiative.

The processing of the tubes which sample the pollution used to be paid for by the council but that funding has now been withdrawn.

In future it seems likely that the only data we will have will come from a system used mainly by developers.

If John Mothersole and the council are genuine about their concerns for our health, will they demonstrate it by saying now that they will fund the data collection in the future?

Pete Stow

Hastings Road, Sheffield, S7

On the sporting map

Once again it is the Blades who put Sheffield on the sporting map.

At least Jordan Rhodes could drive home as he had no penalty points on his driving licence.

D Allen


Blades will get promoted

In answer to that Owls fan’s question, we have the money and fan base and Chris Wilder is a fantastic manager.

We hammered our way back into the championship with 100 points, 92 goals, which is more than you lot did when you were in League One.

We might consolidate our position and finish in the top 10 in the Championship, but Wilder will learn from that and the season after that we will end up in the top two, pushing for automatic promotion back to the Premier League.

Not like you lot worrying about the playoffs.

Oxo the Blade