The kettle calling the saucepan black?

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Re; letter published in the Star, (May 28, 2018), from Coun David Ogle the Independent member of Ecclesfield Parish Council.

If I can jog the memory of your readers, the question I asked was why UKIP party did not put forward a candidate in the West Ecclesfield Ward at the May local elections.

Expecting a response from them, instead we got a reply from Coun Ogle, a former member who recently turned Independent who failed to answer the questions asked.

This from a man who started off as an independent, then joined UKIP, now has dumped them for some unknown reason and claims once more he has again become an independent.

So your jibe directed at me and other members of the Labour Party is laughable to say the least.

Is this not a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

To claim we are Quislings, (traitors), is gutter-style politics, is it not?

Finally, yes I did know your grandad very well – he was the former Labour councillor for the old ward of Chapel Green.

Your grandfather was very well respected by all parties in the Town Hall.

He knew how to conduct himself in a proper and responsible manner.

John Yale

High Green