The hyprocisy of the woman

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A woman in London who wears the full burka is now taking her child’s school to court as quite rightly they have asked her to remove the veil on school premises.

The mother is delighted her child has got a place at a state school labeled the socialist Eton. For me it’s a no brainer, the teachers need to know it’s the child’s mother, schools are hopefully places of safety, they need to know whos on the premises.

The hypocrisy of the woman as she’s a nursery nurse and removes the veil at work yet can’t at the school.

Shes threating legal action now as it’s discrimination against burka wearers, no it’s just common sense.

When was the last time you could wear a balaclava or motorbike helmet in the bank?

Jayne Grayson

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Work has been a success

The letter written by R Hammond, is not accurate in a number of points she raises. The comments she makes about the qualified tree surgeons, running around cheering and laughing after felling a tree is childish to say the least.

Most of the children I see coming home from school, have their heads glued to their mobile phones and tablets and would be unaware of the owl hooting, birds singing, or indeed a bat flying.

Is there something in the air at Lodge Moor that makes you think that you are the sole custodians and environmentalists of the 36000 trees in the Sheffield area? Well I have news for you tree huggers, you’re not.

Going on to the issue of the noise made by the chainsaws, perhaps RH could inform Amey, the tree contractors, as to where the company could purchase a silent one.

She says the workers should tell their employers that they are refusing to do this work, which I am sure they in turn would inform them where the nearest unemployment office is.

May I conclude by saying, the contractor, Amey, has almost finished working on Piper Road on the Longley estate, it has renewed the kerb edges and reinstated the pavement, felled the old trees and left four wonderful healthy trees.

This work has given the road an uplift, well done lads. I am sure the residents of Piper Road think this work has been a success.

Gerry Leckey

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Football grounds

In reply to Chris Gee, his remarks about Hillsborough being a beautiful football ground oozing character, absolutely spot on Chris.

I found this comment on the Football Ground guide, this comment is also transfered to Wikipedia Hillsborough Stadium. also on Football Ground guide I found Bramall Lane with many similar flattering comments, as were many other clubs.

Regarding Manchester United, York, Wycombe etc. one of your comments was Hillsborough was voted one of the most beautiful grounds in the country, that is why it was not exclusive to the Championship.

As for remarks about 41 years ago, being a big Owl I would have thought you could remember your bad and dire times as well as your good times. I know after following the Blades 50 years over all four divisions I certainly can.

All the best, up the Blades.

Mr H

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I’m not a fan

Regarding the furore concerning BBC pay I must confess to not being a fan of Mr Lineker who seems to be attracting a particular amount of negative comment.

However I can’t help wondering how many of us, offered a million pounds to go on television and share with the public the knowledge we gained in a previous employment, would turn such an offer down? Personally I’ll do for £500,000. Anybody want to know about arc furnace electrodes?

Stephen Crowther


Sheffield’s reputation

We have just returned from Alaska, (USA), and The Yukon, (Canada). When meeting people over there it is customary to enquire where they are from. Our reply that we were from Sheffield, England was met by “Oh, that’s where its council is chopping trees down!”

Sheffield’s reputation of having more trees than any other city in the UK, if not in Europe, and its attempt to develop an economy based on tourism and outdoor activities are being seriously damaged by the council and Amey’s current tree-related policy. If this is the reputation the city is gaining in such remote parts of the world as Alaska and Yukon one can only image the damage in more populated countries.

Peter Dungworth

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No greater pleasure

Why does Whitworth think that parents sob at the though of their children having six weeks holiday from school?

It was a time I looked forward to all year.

This was family time when our children were ours 24x7, ours to plan with, play with, to spend unrestricted time with, exploring in the woods, fishing, climbing trees, picking and eating fruit, having picnics, going on family outings, making models, painting pictures, learning and laughing.

Children grow so quickly, change overnight sometimes, that I can think of no greater pleasure than spending six unrestricted weeks in their company.

The thing that spoils this more than anything is being reminded how fleeting this pleasure is.

As soon as we set foot inside a shop we are faced with displays of stationery and clothing baring the logo BACK TO SCHOOL!

J Allinson.

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Hillsborough shoppers

In reply to RD’s comments in todays Star, (July 24), on Hillsborough being a ‘Dump’. In case he/she doesn’t know, the No 57 bus from Worral will take you to Fox Valley, or in the other direction into town where you will find your ‘classy’ shops!

Hillsborough is a working class area, with proud and friendly people who are grateful for the affordable shops there, and, we are not afraid to identify ourselves at the end of our letters.

Carole Froggatt

Wisewood, S6

Off-road bikers

I can see where the Star editor is coming from in her article about off-road bikers, they are a menace and need to be stopped, but what amazes me is as in the Star’s front page Saturday, July 8, a photo of off-roaders with faces blanked out, why? If they are to be identified the public needs to know who they are and report them to the authorities.

EB Warris