The haunted highway

Stocksbridge Bypass .....A blind crest above Steelworks at Stocksbridge'byrowsc
Stocksbridge Bypass .....A blind crest above Steelworks at Stocksbridge'byrowsc
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THE background: It had long been known as the Haunted Road before TV ghost expert Richard Jones investigated.

But what the Most Haunted Live presenter found terrified him so much he labelled the Stocksbridge Bypass one of the scariest places in the UK.

During his investigations of the A616 thoroughfare last year, he said it’s history was so ghastly it could only be the work of the paranormal.

But - wait, before you dismiss him as a self-serving charlatan - there might be something in what he says.

Back in 1987, after all, this very newspaper reported how, before the road opened, two Ecclesfield police officers Dick Ellis and John Beet spied a robed torso near to Pearoyd Bridge.

“I got a brief sighting of it next to the car and then something banged on the vehicle,” PC Ellis told our man. “It was unnerving. There was definitely something supernatural.”

Since then several accidents have been blamed on apparitions - by ghost writers, if not necessarily by police. One explanation for the so-called haunting is that a mediaeval monk haunts the area.

The rationale: South Yorkshire Police say the number of deaths and accidents on the bypass makes it no more dangerous than any other road in the area.